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We know you will find PROLIX® the most revolutionary product developed exclusively for firearm maintenance and preservation.


PROLIX® was extensively researched and laboratory tested to provide maximum cleaning potential while maintaining the optimum amount of retained lubricant.

PROLIX® cleans your firearm, lubricates it without the need of additional lubricants, but also preserves your firearm, preventing wood rot and deterioration.

PROLIX® contains no grease, oils, silicones, or graphite to build up on your firearm, loading equipment, etc.

PROLIX® contains no petroleum based products, and therefore - when used regularly - will not "flash off".

PROLIX® literally floats away powder and plastic shotshell residues, lead and brass. Black powder is no longer a problem!




Cleans -
PROLIX®  is a penetrating solvent  for firearm usage, effective but non-abrasive and non-acidic.  In short, it won't remove or harm your metal or wood finishes. PROLIX®  seeks out dirt, oils, grime, etc.  - even in small and hard to reach areas - and flows it away. During the cleaning process, a dry lubricant  is developed  and is drawn into the pores of the material, creating a skin of protection.

Lubricates -
PROLIX® is  NOT affected by adverse conditions of extreme hot and cold (-80ºF to over 460°F) while remaining DRY to the touch.  It  will not  wipe away during firing, flash or burn off, nor build up, become gummy or discolor. It's thin formulation (8.2cps) turns into a heavier (68CST 40°C) DRY, enduring and long-lasting protective coating through chemical action.

Preserves -
PROLIX®  preserves and protects due to its thorough cleaning and surface coverage.  The penetration into the pores hold the lubricant in place in even harsh use or long period of storage. Its non-acidic base also prevents oxidation and seals out condensation while neutralizing rust. PROLIX®  is armor tough, but works equally as well on precision air guns or on sophisticated law enforcement and military arms.

You can depend on PROLIX ®...
or your money back!!


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